Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fashion TUE

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Today's Random Quote

Do you want to be someone who can't be replaced? Do what nobody does. -----Coco Chanel

Fashion-angel from Brazil

Hi! hou are you all doing? 

I am sorry that I have not posted for a while, I have lots of excuses but decided not to write them here and instead, I post a latest post about an angel I discovered few days ago:)

Laura Neiva
Location----------Sao Paulo, Brazil
Affiliation--------actress, singer, model
Birthday----------Sep 21,1993

I found her on a page in VOGUE. I opened the page and one second later, I completely fall in love with this teenage Brazilian angel.
She acted in her first movie at age 14 entitled "Adrift" as Filipa, daughter of the caracter played by Vincent Cassel. 
She also modeled for Gloris Coelho at Sao Paulo Fashion Week.
Read more: Laura Neiva - the Fashion Spot

À Deriva Trailer (Adrift)

I have not watched this movie yet since there was no english version that I could found:(

But its definitely on my watch list now! 

Its getting really cold here in Japan. Please enjoy your holiday with your family, friends, lovers and people whom you love:)

Always with love,