Tuesday, November 22, 2011


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Don't let someone els's opinion of you, become your reality.

Music from Japanese great composer 

Hi guys how you doing?

Im sorry that I didn't post much last week. I have been struggling with job-hunting here in Japan which has mad lot of stress.
so recently what I need is something which can take me away from this real society and one of them is definitely music from Miyazaki Hayao's movie , composed by Jyo Hisaishi. both of them are the very best artist in Japan so people from abroad also might have heard about them or their work.

anyway since their music healed me a lot, now I want to share it with you who are also suffering from the society and busy life;)

here it is

it has "country roads" too and its lyrics is actually more beautiful in japanese than in english... ill post some translation later when i get time.


Always with love,


  1. Thank you YK for posting this, I have a friend who loves RadWimps BTW, introduced me to Joe Hisaishi awhile ago but for some reason or another I didn't get a chance to listen to this masterpiece until now, listening to 'Country Roads' took me to another place, far from this harsh and cruel world we live in. I totally agree with you, music IS a way to heal our soul and spirits, Thanks again!

    Oh here's something for you, this girl is wonderful.


  2. thank you for the comment! this "Country Roads" is my best favorite song in my life since we have learned it in a music class in elementary. i dont know if you heard the japanese lyrics but its totally different from english version, and i love it way more than the original! ill post the translation later on this blog!

    btw thx for the link did you know i Loooove Taylor?:D